Stationary... but never standing still when it comes to style - Mr and Mrs Smith Celebrants
Celebrants for all occasions! Contemporary or conventional, we’ve got you covered! Wacky and whimsical with a splash of romance to the gorgeously gushy, where the theme and the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.
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Stationary… but never standing still when it comes to style

Stationary… but never standing still when it comes to style


It’s all in our name and the way we say it

We added our signature brand to all of our stationary. Its the first impression of us you are likely to see and we want it to be perfect.

We hope that you will feel just a little excited when you find it on you doormat or in your post box. we love the personal touch that you don’t necessarily find in an email.

Our Signature Celebrant Led Ceremonies are individually written from a journey of experiences that you share with us. Our unique personality and style begins to show from our first contact and flows through to the delivery of your Signature Ceremony.
We have already starting to plan your ceremony from day one and we encourage you to feel informed and fully engaged in the process. After all, its all about you and your celebration.

We offer a little extra with a style that literally pops from the page

You’ll immediately receive an initial welcome reservation pack named, “Lets get Started”. This is followed by a booking pack that “Seals the deal” and a third pack with a few extra gifts to kick start the real discovery element. We’ve named this “Plan, design and create”.

Our personal style of Stationary reflects the very best in quality and is designed to inspire you with a confidence in our work. We believe it  demonstrates an attention to detail which you’ll find throughout every aspect of our work and through the commitment we share when planning and delivering your Wedding, Celebration of Life, Vow Renewal or Naming Ceremony. In fact you’ll experience the very same standard of service for any Celebration that you reserve our service for, unconditionally.

Making that first impression that means something

We aim to begin with a first impression that literally says ‘WOW’, from every page. We leave nothing to chance;if we can help it and we aim to develop an experience that simply gets better as we work together. Let us into your world and lets get started on this amazing journey together.  We are all ears to your ideas when creating magical memories that lead to your amazing day, your way.

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